with Candy

The sweetest  way to lose and 

maintain a healthy weight!


The only Candy with nutritional value!

I am Candy Duval. I am a French Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, based in Central London.


I have always been passionate about health, nutrition, and wellness. 

As a qualified Nutrition Adviser, with a diploma certified by the UK Association for Nutrition, I offer nutrition guidance and successful strategies to help Clients lose weight and achieve a fulfilling lifestyle.

Whether you are looking to lose or manage your weight, there are many ways I can help you do so.

If you let me help you, the new you is just right here.

Say goodbye to your extra kilos for good

If you are fed-up with yo-yo weight gain – losing weight only to rapidly put it back on, 

then you may need to ‘Slim with Candy’

I believe in replacing unhelpful habits with good ones, reinforcing healthy lifestyle habits that make you look and feel better for the rest of your life.

My one and single objective for you is that, after several coaching sessions,

you feel confident at making the best food-related decisions and continue the program by yourself, keeping on developing healthy eating behaviours, achieve a healthier lifestyle, and inspire others to do so.

Let's find your better you

1. Personal assessment

Understand your mind and body

Analysis of your food diary over a week, exercise routine, personal and professional environment, motivation levels, things that you may see as a barrier to a healthy lifefstyle, food intolerances or allergies, etc. 

We discuss your target weight, your expectations, and how to get there.

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Image by Laura Olsen

2. Personalised Coaching

Better body, better health.

Because it is important for me that you feel comfortable and fully supported, my coaching sessions are friendly and informal, but you learn a lot about nutrition and health.

Based on your body’s needs, food preferences, timetable, cooking skills, and budget, I offer easy-applicable solutions. I adjust the Coaching to YOU and help you implement healthier habits in your daily life, at your own pace. 


Moving forward, you see your body changing, your self-confidence increasing, and your mindset getting stronger.

Following each coaching session, you receive a customised  report summarising all the recommendations and tips you need to succeed.

3. Ongoing support

I won't let you down!

I make sure you keep motivated in between consultations.

I regularly send text messages to check on you, share great tips, recipes, motivational and educational articles and videos, etc. 


I answer all your questions and encourage you all the way.

After the last coaching session, I remain available for you for an entire week. 

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