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Slim with Candy Duval nutrition coach


My name is Candy ! I moved to London from Paris in 2015, and after 20 years in HR Management at Corporate level (Veolia, Areva, Hilton, Marriott), I decided in 2019 to follow my passion for Nutrition and Health and retrained as a Nutrition Coach. 

Since then, I've been using my coaching skills to help busy mums and dads, who are also senior executives, to improve their physical health, embrace a healthier life, lose weight for good, and regain energy.

My mission 

Helping my clients achieve results that they never dreamt possible.

 I believe that healthy eating is synonymous with good physical and mental health, emotional regulation, good energy, good mood, increased performance and creativity.

My mission is to help you succeed.

Why my Coaching are so successful

✔️ I provide an outstanding support 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

✔️ my core values and personality: kindness, honesty, integrity, care, and accountability. 

✔️each coaching session is 100% personalised for each client and highly impactful thanks to exercises, sensory experiences, and role-playing to help them gradually change their mindset and their relationship with food / alcohol.

✔️Oh and... I have a lovely, charming French accent !

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