Get the results

you want to achieve

Keep motivated, make the best food choices

  • I support you all the way, with care and kindness.  

  • I talk to you not only as a Coach but also as a friend, not as a doctor with the inevitable distance it implies.

  • Everything is made clear, simple and easy for you. 

  • Sessions are 100% customised as you are unique hence require a specific approach depending on your age, gender, lifestyle, personality, food preferences, budget, timetable, cooking skills, etc. 

  • No insipid diet, no strict diet plan, no fasting, no long hours spent cooking, nothing disruptive and no false promises either. 

  • I offer a constant support in between sessions and also for 1 entire week after the last follow up session. 


Success Stories

What is it like to work with me?

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"The coaching sessions were very informative.

I printed all my reports and kept them within easy access in my kitchen.

The plan was easier to follow than expected. I panicked at the beginning but your reassurance helped me and made me feel better about the occasional set back. 


I was with a nutritionist before but the time and the advice are very limited and not continuous enough. With you I had full experience from food, to exercise plans and emotional motivation. It was very complete from all aspects.

I don’t know if all nutritionists are also fitness fanatics and could give advice in that field. You do! Thank you a lot!"

Rocio (London)

"I learned a lot about healthy eating/exercising from taking part in the programme. The follow up sessions were extremely useful to discuss things that I was unsure about, how I was finding the plan, to discuss variations and other options i.e. sweet alternatives etc.  

Your reports were factual and to the point.  I was impressed at how quickly you emailed me back a report following a meeting.

The tips were great and helped me a lot.  If I had not understood anything I felt comfortable enough to raise it with you to discuss further, or I would text you to ask you something and you always answered my questions promptly. 

The personal touch and genuine interest that you played in our sessions were great and encouraged me. You were very open and honest and genuinely happy with the achievements that I was making.

The in-between messages, links to recipes, alternative products to try, food samples, etc were fantastic and very much appreciated.  

You have provided me with the skills and knowledge to continue with my healthy eating plan. Thank you!"

Caroline (London)

"I learned a lot with Candy about nutrition.


She provided me with a detailed analysis of my food diary and explained to me why I was not able to lose weight. 

She gave me many helpful tips to help me prepare my meals, and shared easy making recipes.

Everything looked simple and easily implementable. The coaching session was customised 100% (I am a student, it is not easy to eat healthy and balanced meals when having my meals at the university , and it is not easy to find some time to cook).


All my questions were answered, Candy even raised nutrition topics I did not even think about and that was very helpful. 


We used WhatsApp for the consultation, and I must say that I felt very comfortable with Candy. I felt energised and very motivated. 

The day after I sign up with a gym centre, and changed the way I used to eat ! And I was able to see the first results after a week! 


I do recommend Slim With Candy to everyone aiming for losing weight and on the top of that Candy is super nice and very helpful".

Valeria (Paris)

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Slim With Candy also helps men keep healthy!


"I really enjoyed the consultation. It was the first time that I used a personalized nutrition coaching service.

I do not really need to lose weight however I really wanted to know whether what

I eat is healthy or not and what I could improve on a daily basis to keep healthy.


The consultation was 100% personalized, taking into account my professional environment, my current lifestyle and timetable.


The consultation via WhatsApp went very well. I did not feel any kind of distance. Tone was both professional and friendly.


The advice given is easily implementable, and how to compose a healthy

and balanced menu is explained very well in the individual report I received.


My physical activity levels will also certainly increase from now on!


If you want to eat a more balanced diet, you should definitely consult Slim

with Candy because we often think that we eat healthy but with Slim with Candy

we understand that, well, actually we do not, and with her help we can do

much better!”

Maxime (Paris)


Following coaching with Candy I feel 100x more confident in making the correct choices in my diet.  

The reports were fully personalised to me and easy to read giving me a good summary explaining everything we discussed in our sessions.

The reports were hugely beneficial to remind me of what we discussed and also useful to reread in between sessions to refer to when shopping or eating out. 

Candy also gave me extra tips alongside the reports in between sessions. 

I felt she was thinking of my needs all the time as she would always send messages  to check up on how I was doing and encourage me or send additional ideas which we did not speak about in sessions. 

Candy really helped me to reach my goals to loose some weight and also manage my terrible sugar cravings by replacing them with healthy alternatives.

Between sessions, Candy would respond to my questions really quickly. 

I have seen other nutritionists in the past, but never experienced such attentiveness and care.


During the Covid 19 crisis Candy has offered even more support which has been invaluable to me keeping on track.  She gave extra tips to help me manage my weight during a time when I would be moving significantly less, and also ran an extra service of a morning gym class which really helped set me up for the days.


I would recommend Candy to anyone who wants help with their diet or loose weight healthily - she really provides a service that I have never seen before and will always go the extra mile to encourage and empower you to reach whatever goal you may have.

Emma (London)

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"Working in the food industry can be very tricky when it comes to healthy eating. 

A Chef can spend the entire day without having a proper meal, with insane meal times when not living on a day full of nibbles.

I had tried different diets before but never fully understood before I met Candy that it is not about just following a diet but about a lifestyle.

Candy is very friendly and super easy to speak too.

What I like with her is that she listens to what you want and need, and then makes a customized plan for YOU, based on your timetable, constraints, working shifts and if something doesn’t work she finds different options to help you achieve your goals.

You get so much support from her, including in between sessions. She texts you regularly to check on you and your progress, challenges, but also to share more tips and recipe ideas. She is easily contactable (even if you hesitate at the supermarket between 2 products, you can call her and she’s here to help you choose the best option!)


I started my coaching back in February and was going on ski holiday in March. She designed a nutrition and exercise strategy for me and guess what? I only too one kilo which is amazing considering the amount of unhelathy and tempting food I was surrounded  with!

Due to Covid 19 we had to do virtual coaching sessions but  nothing has changed: she’s still here for me when I need her and provides very useful  reports with many useful tips and recommendations.

She has encouraged me to become more active by running a daily gym session via video call during lockdown.

Me (and my hubby) can see the difference on my body and I feel far more comfortable in my clothes! I can finally start to make peace with my body and start to like it!"