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Make positive changes

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Stop dieting 
to lose weight

Keep healthy, feel happy

Crash diets may lead to a motivating rapid weight loss. 

But they rarely produce results in the long term, because they are so restrictive that many people give up on them.

Dieting is mainly about deprivation that makes you feel sad and dull, it generates stress, fatigue, deficiencies, and affects your social life.

It also slows down your metabolism which inevitably leads to put the weight back on as soon as you return to a normal diet... with a few extra kilos than when you started.

Dieting is unsustainable and unhealthy and always ends in a huge disappointment and frustrations.

You can eat 
AND lose weight!

Choose the winning option

Weight loss is not about quick fixes and insane exercise.

Weight loss requires gradual and permanent lifestyle changes, based on healthy eating habits and regular moderate exercise.


The healthy strategy that really works to achieve long term results, is based on 4 key principles:

  • Making better food choices 

  • Watching your portion sizes 

  • Planning ahead your meals and snacks 

  • Engaging in more physical activities

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Stay away from 
ultra processed foods

Reconnect with the pleasure of cooking

Designed in laboratories, ultra processed foods are produced by manufacturers whose single objective is to produce at the lowest cost foods that look like and taste like food, but actually have nothing in common with real food.

Because they combine high quantities of sugars + saturated fats + salt that make them very addictive, they do not encourage healthy eating behaviours. They also tend to leave you hungry after a meal, which promotes over-eating hence weight gain.

You can keep control of your calorie intake and achieve a good health by cooking at home the meals you like.

Not only it is tastier and cheaper, but it can be done quickly and simply. Then, from time to time and in small quantity, you can enjoy your favourite ice cream or crisps with no guilt. Everything is about balance.

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Swap your daily Latte

for a Nutrition Coach!

Nutrition coaching is affordable

I think every single person should access the right information and get the help they need, whether to lose weight or eat healthy.


This is why I have designed a wide range of services, and I regularly offer exclusive discounts throughout the year in order to suit any budget.

Because keeping healthy should always be your absolute priority, have a look at the price list and get in touch.