Family in the Kitchen

Family consultation


This one-off consultation is designed for parents who want to check whether the entire family eats healthily. 

  • Food diary and lifestyle analysis for parents and children.

  • 1 face to face consultation with all family members (2 hours).

  • 1 customised report with helpful tips and recommendations for parents and children.


A customised nutrition coaching for the entire family can be then designed (price on request).

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21-day Sugar Detox

  • 1 assessment consultation

  • I send you the list of foods that you can and cannot have during 21 days.

  • 1 tip is shared every day over 21 days to help you overcome your sugar cravings. 

  • I share with you lots of food alternatives, healthy snacks, helpful tips to overcome sugar cravings, and tasty and easy recipes that can satisfy you.

  • I support and encourage you all the way: unlimited access to me for 21 days for any questions you may have, and keep you motivated and focused.

Image by Jason Leung

Pantry and fridge Essentials 


We meet at your house, we go through your fridge, freezer, pantry. 

The service covers the food and drink items for the entire family.

  • I check the expiration dates and storage conditions.

  • I select the foods and drinks that you can keep buying, those that you should eat with  moderation, or should not purchase as they are unhealthy.


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Grocery shopping trip & tips


I teach you how to decipher:

food labels, ingredient lists, but also misleading marketing claims.


Option 1: I meet you at your favourite grocery store, I help you select the best options available on shelf.

Option 2: Alternatively, you can send me a list of your 15 favourite food items of your preferred grocery chain; I will check for you the healthiest options and prices.